Growing up in a society where the modest brand struggles to compete with nudity can be very frustrating. Adiza Bala Faila is breaking the stereotype by establishing the First ever Muslim Modeling Agency in Ghana.


Shamfiz J modeling House was born in 2016 with the aim of promoting the modest brand. “we want to promote modesty with hijab since it is our dressing as per the islamic teachings. As well as giving muslim ladies aspiring to become models the opportunity to achieve that without the fear of going nude.”


The activities of the agency include photoshoot,videoshoot, ushering service,fashion show, runway among others.

when asked if her agency was born out of neccesity or passion, she mentioned it was born purely out of passion even though it was a necessity for the the muslim society. It’s not only a muslim agency but we have Christians as well. We are opened to all to make them appreciate us and our dressing, most Christian modeling houses do not accept hijab but we do accept Christians if they can comply with our rules on modesty so as to let them have love for Muslims and Islam.

“The modeling industry is not all that friendly towards our brand. The modest agency is the first of its kind in the country, because of that it is not every agency and company that is willing to associate with us. some go the extra mile to suggest to us to take off our hijab before giving us the opportunity to work with them but we cannot be like others because, modesty is our brand and that is what makes us unique. Adiza mentioned.


The CEO mentioned that that her agency is doing very well though not as expected but she believes things will fall into place with time. “we do not feel intimidated by other brands. Shamfiz J is unique. No one can intimidate us so far as we set our goals to achieve what we are set to do. That is where the focus is and we know what we are doing and where we want to get to. This is the first Muslim Agency in Ghana you know….”

The Modeling agency has been featured in both local and international media.


The modeling agency has received some criticism for what they do especially photoshoots and other activities. ” there seem to be a lot of discouragement from our muslim folk. i however hope to do my best for others to appreciate our efforts as we are trying to build a better future for generations yet unborn. We ignore the negative critics and accept the positive ones to build our brand. With time, our nay sayers will understand our motives.” Working in a corporate world and running a business is another challenge for the CEO. planning has helped her to combine the two perfectly. she runs her business mostly on weekend. She mentioned that the team she works with are very supporting and that they help her with some of the work mostly on weekdays.


The CEO mentioned that her brand has worked for both Muslim and non Muslim individuals and organisations, they carry themselves well and always give out their best. Professionalism is key she added.


A very important advice the CEO gave to people who want to join this industry is that, they should be ready to works hard, have the determination to achieve goals, and also seek blessings from their parents. “they should seek blessings from their parents in everything they do. Parents blessings are powerful. It is no rush, the road is very rough but with time, it will be smooth.”

One can reach SHAMFIZ J MODELING HOUSE on the various social media platforms.

Pictures of Shamfiz J models



IG: shamfizjmodeling

Facebook: shamfiz j modeling house

twitter: Shamfiz J

Telephone: +233 55 779 7979

One can also reach the CEO on

Facebook: Hajia Adiza Bala Failla

IG: hajiaadizabalafaila

Twitter: HAdizaBalaFaila

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  1. Ayisha says:

    May Allah make this a big stepping change for the Muslim ummah

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  2. Nafisatu says:

    Hope the intention doesn’t change when you are faced with difficult situations. since Islam should be our first priority above everything


  3. Salma says:

    Masha Allah….may Allah make you more successful


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