Working mom

Ramadan can be a very tedious time especially for working moms. Below are some few tips to make this coming month less stressful.

Get dad to take over bathtime duties.

While you are busy preparing Iftaar, let dad bath the kids. This will help ease pressure at home.


It is very important to plan how to combine Ibaadah with work. Get a to do list to be able to know when and what time to perform your tasks.


Make sure you prepare food for Sahuur in large quantities. This will help ease the pressure of waking up at dawn to prepare food. Remember to store your food in a container and then keep them in the refrigerator. This can be done weekly.

Make sure you get enough fruits for Iftaar as well. Wash your fruits and package them properly in a storage pack(ziplock)

Get things done early.

Try to get things done early before your energy starts to dwindle. Getting things done ahead of time is very important. So that you’re not rushing to achieve tasks. The right time to prepare is when the kids have gone to bed.

Try to skip junk food.

It is so hard not to eat too much junk during Ramadan. All you want is a delicious kelewele or koose. Aside from being unhealthy to eat every single night, they also take so much time to prepare in the evenings.

Teach the kids the essence of Ramadan.

Weekends are mostly free time for working moms since they don’t have to go to work. This is the period to teach your kids the essence of Ramadan. Let hubby, help you teach the children how to recite important Duas in this month. There are a lot of Ramdan books online. You can download them and educate your kids.

Intensify your Ibaadah

Ramadan is a period of Ibaadah. A lot of moms concentrate on preparing suhuur and Iftaar and end up doing less ibaadah. As you planned for Ramadan, use your free time to read more qur’an and other Islamic texts. Set a goal to be achieved.

Get your eid shopping done before Ramadan.

It’s important to do your eid shopping as early as possible. This will reduce the pressure of having to stop by every shop to get what you want whilst fasting. To save much energy, get your eid shopping done before Ramadan begins.

Stylish Muslim Network wishes all mothers a stress free Ramadan 💝💝


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