Known as Blaq Muslimah on popular social media platform (Instagram).

Andani Asanatu Wun-Nam is breaking stereotypes to couch a niche for herself as a fancy hijabi who seeks to use her large following to inspire other Muslimahs to embrace the modest brand.

According to her, she has not always been a hijabi, but she decided to dress modestly just by looking at others.

Seeing others dress modestly inspired me to embrace the modest brand. It all started in high school. Modesty gives me a sense of belonging

She does not feel different among her peers because they also dress modestly.

I am pretty sure it would have been somewhat uncomfortable if it were the other way round

Currently paying her service to Ghana at cocoa marketing company, she feels comfortable with working in a corporate environment and being a hijabi.

The controversy surrounding working in a corporate environment and wearing the hijab is flexible now. I mean, I’ve heard a lot of stories about struggles of being a hijabi but i think times are changing and so are the rules.

When asked if she feels the pressure of being a hijabi in our part of society(world)? She gave a confident response that she does not feel pressured by what society thinks about her mode of dressing.

Society will have to deal with my mode of dressing. They’ll have to suck it up. I’m too busy to deal with what society is ‘comfortable’ with.

She had a piece of advice to young girls who aspire to be like her.

Be yourself. Society will take care of itself …they’ll adjust eventually.

Some beautiful pictures of Andani Wun-nam Asanatu.

Social media handles
Facebook: Andani Asanatu Wun-Nam
IG: blaq_muslimah
Twitter : wunnieandie

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  1. This is write-up is amazing! Thank you so much for featuring me on your website. 🕊💙


    1. miragomda says:

      Thanks so much for the wonderful opportunity.


  2. Iklimah says:

    Waaw great you look great in the Hijab and may Allah bless you to continue


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