Allah says in the holy Qur’an: The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months. The angels and the spirit descend therein by permission of their Lord for every matter. Peace it is until the emergence of dawn. (Qur’an: 97verse3-5)

Glory be to Allah! It is such a blessing to witness the final lap of the holy month.

Here are some tips to make the best of the last 10 days.

  • Set an Objective for yourself: Before entering the last 10 days of Ramadan, one needs to set objectives for themselves and ask Allah to bless them accordingly. Setting an objective makes one have clarity as to what they need from Allah during this blessed night. For those entering I’tikhaf same applies. You need to know what you intend to achieve upon completion in hopes tha Allah answers your du’as.
  • Look out for quality Ibaadah: Laylatul Qadr is not about competition to ascertain who completes the Qur’an fastest and who has the best recitations but the intention which is very key. We are to seek lots of forgiveness during this night and ask for Allah’s infinite mercies we are also to make du’a for Allah’s favours as such there is no need to rush through ibadah to please others. For those who going out of their homes to join congregations will cause a discomfort to, it is best to stay at home and do your Ibadah at home according to your strengthen.
  • I’tikaf. It is very important for both men and women to remain in I’tikaf for the last ten days. One who remains in I’tikaf gets double reward. If it is not possible for one to remain in I’tikaf for 10 days and nights, he or she should should try to remain in it as many days as possible. Also remember to make intentions for Nawafil I’tikaf any time you enter the masjid for more reward.
  • Worship intensively for all the last days. Laylatul qadr can fall on any day of the final days of Ramadan. Worshipping intensively is the best thing to do as it is the best time to catch unimaginable and incomprehensible reward of Laylatul qadr. Each good deed done from maghrib to fajr is like worshipping for 83 years.
  • Give charity. Giving charity in this period is like doing an act of goodness for 83 years. Subhanallah! Let us grab this opportunity.
  • Act modestly. Show an exemplary character worthy of emulation in this period. Do not swear, backbite, slander. Lead a modest life for more rewards.
  • Plan right. complete your pending tasks before the Last days. This will give you much time to worship without distractions.
  • Be firm with your intention to make the best out of this period. Strive hard to get closer to Allah. Remove things that will cause distractions to you. Avoid playing video games, unhealthy conversations, take a break off social media. Make the best out of the 10 days to enable you change your life forever.
  • Recite a lot of Du’aa. Use this period to supplicate to Allah for blessings, forgiveness, and ask Allah to show His mercies upon you. The best Du’aa to recite during the last 10 days is ALLAHUMMA INNAKA ‘AFUWWUN, TUHIBBUL ‘AFWA, FA’FU ‘ANNI (O ALLAH, YOU ARE MOST FORGIVING, AND YOU LOVE FORGIVENESS, SO FORGIVE ME)
  • Hydrate well. Keep a lot of water with you all the time (during non fasting hours). This will help you feel energised, stay up and keep you focused.
  • Pray for the Ummah. Remember to say a prayer for the Ummah, the suffering, our scholars, the sick, our children, the youth and the country.

May Allah enable us make the best out of these nights. May He enable us to catch the blessed Laylatul qadr and gain the rewards that come with it.

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