Do you remember how you were affected negatively when certain things were done to you while growing up?

This article is directed to young parents struggling to do their best for their children.

There is a saying that being a parent does not matter whether you gave birth to a child or not. The moment you have a child in your custody and providing their basic and primary needs qualifies you to be a parent.

As a parent, there are so many things we need to let go in order to be the best role model for our child.

Some of the things we need to avoid are as follows:

Avoid quarelling with your patner or any other person in the presence of your child.

Kids hate violence, it retards their mental growth. Exposing them to violence indirectly telling then to become violent.

Do not drive your children away when they need your attention. As a parent having your ‘me time’ is over. Most parents of today expose their children to electronic gadgets just to have a quiet time. It is good to get them such gadgets at least for educational purposes but using that to drive them away when they need to be by you will be causing more harm than good. It is harmful because, you are denying your children of bonding with you at the early stage of their lives.

Bonding with your children is very important especially during the first decade of their lives. It allows them to easily approach you when they need someone to speak to you about. It makes you a best friend and a confidant. It makes it difficult for your children to hide things from you. Finally, you’re aware of what happens in your children’s lives.

Another important thing parents must avoid is being over protective. Children love their space and privacy. Even though you may want to know everything about your child does not mean you should always have a say as to what they should always do. Being too protective breeds rebellious children.

Do not compare them to their peers. One huge mistake most parents make is by comparing their kids to their peers. This makes them sluggish!

Do not let them get comfortable with telling lies. Children begin to tell lies when parents become too strict on them. You might not know why they make the mistakes they do. Your part is to identify the mistake they make and help them to correct it. Shouting and beating them will prevent them from telling the truth and adopt lies as a means of avoiding punishment. When they become too comfortable with lies, it becomes a problem in all aspects of their lives.

These are some of the few negative things parents must avoid in order to create a healthy environment for the growth of their children. I will tackle the rest in subsequent posts.

Thanks for reading!

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