African print fashion (Ankara) has really come to stay and Adam Mohammed Miftaahu has proven to be part of this revolution.

The brand Muftyy, a unisex Ankara shirts is doing so well in the Ghanaian fashion industry.

According to the hard working CEO, the idea of Muftyy came up when he wore a unique shirt at an event which made him stood out. After the event, most of his friends asked if he could get them similar designs? As a marketing student, he decided to start a business due to the high demand from his friends.

I love fashion and African prints as well. I wanted to standout with a unique style unlike the usual fitting designs in town, I made every part of mine Xlarge, so a wide open neck, loose hands, and body and a big pocket as well. To my surprise, a lot admired the design, a new style to their eyes, some requested for same style to be sewn for them, too much pressure. As a business minded person, I turned their demands into business, hence, Muftyy.

Why the name Muftyy?

It was purely based on a marketing strategy. Muftyy is my niky, and a lot know me by this name. Branding it after me will be so easy to market and it has worked for me. Considering the fact that so many clothing lines are normally named after the designers. The CEO mentioned.

Marketing his products on social media has really helped his business to grow.

I get people from all over the world purchasing my products due to social media. I’ve made several shipments abroad. I’ve also had people buy Muftyy nationwide.

When asked if he gets intimidated by other brands? The CEO mentioned he has not seen anyone produce his type of desings hence there’s no intimidation from other brands.

For now, I can say I’m the only one producing this design, I’m very sure of that. Few friends have tried several times to come out with similar designs but they fail woefully đŸ¤£

Miftaahu advised upcoming entrepreneurs to build a strong mindset for what ever business they want to do.

Being successful at something requires a determined mindset, building a strong mindset and fueling with unending passion. Every genius in any profession has this hidden success formula at the back of their minds, and successful Entrepreneurs isn’t excluded. James Allen said it beautifully in his famous book As A Man Thinketh “As a man thinketh in his heart so shall he be” And a continuous thoughts about something gradually forms a strong mindset.

Contact +233 247 525 566

Facebook: Muftyy


Muftyy in pictures.


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