The Muslimah Mentorship Network (MMN) over the weekend visited Firdaws Islamic school at Madina, Accra to educate students about the use of social media and how to hold on to ones Muslim identity.

Ms. Mariam, the first speaker of the program mentioned that it was okay for young girls to own social media accounts provided they had the right guidance and still hold on to their Muslim identities.

She advised the students to draw a development plan to guide them become responsible adults. ” make your faith your priority ” she added.

It was a very educative program as the second speaker Ms Zarina Amanda also advised the young students to remember who they are and not to follow negative social trends.

The mentors present had a one on one interaction with the students where the students voiced out their problems and were given the right advice to help solve their problems.

Proprietress of the school, Sh. Salma Tahir was very pleased about the mentoring program and asked MMN to visit her school more often.

She also requested that the organization organized training programs to help young Muslim girls improve upon their confidence as most of her students had a low self esteem problem.

Finally, members of the MMN team were Presented with two book each by the proprietress.

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