Its been long since I published something here. I went on a long break but I’m back now. Sorry for the long silence.

I’m writing this piece because of the reality of what’s going on in our current lives.

The word smile has become a garment we put on just like our clothing. We wear it to look ‘ok’ and normal when in actual sense we are not normal and ok.

Depression has become the ‘new normal and all is not well.

People suffering from depression are among teenagers and adults.

There are so many factors that lead to depression. Some are;

Genes: research shows that some people inherit genes that can contribute to depression. That does not mean that a person who has a family member with depression will definitely suffer from it. Genes are one factor but not the only reason for depression.

Stress is also a number one factor in causing depression. People engage in too much work without having enough rest. This makes it easy for them to get depression.

Life events. Death of a family member or friend sometimes goes beyond normal grief and lead to depression . Other live events include divorce, separation, or when a person remarry can trigger depression.

Family and social environment. Some people get depressed when they find themselves in unhealthy situations such as stressful, unhappy relationships or family systems. Others get depressed by living in poverty or being homeless. Violent conditions such as dealing with harassment, bullying and peer pressure can also lead to depression in people.

Reacting to life situations can lead to depression. There’s an outlook on life that informs the state of our mental health. People that tend to focus on the negative side of events have higher risks of getting depressed than people that look at things in a positive way.

A positive thinker even with an inherited depression genes will always beat it even if he finds himself in a situation that should make him depressed.

Ways to build resilience.

  • Try thinking of change as a challenging and normal part of life. When a problem crops up, take active steps to deal with it rather than letting it get to you.
  • Remind yourself that setbacks and problems are temporary and solvable. Nothing lasts forever.
  • Build a support system. It ok to talk to someone. Get a trusted person to talk to when you are in difficulty. We all need a shoulder to cry on. Offer to help when they also need help. This will help create strong and everlasting bonds.

Being positive and resilient isn’t a magic that takes away depression. It only helps in minimizing it. Speak to a professional when things get worse you might need medication to bring you ease.

My next piece will be about things we should never say to people battling depression.

Stay tuned and God bless you❤️❤️

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