As a present day Muslim, one of my greatest challenge is making sure that what I consume is 100% halal. Be it food, drinks, content, etc

Ever since I found out that what we consider to be halal food may actually not be halal has informed my decision to be very careful about what to eat in public.

Halal symbol

I now pay extra attention to what a particular food is made of, whether it’s halal certified or not…which has informed my decision to pay extra attention to what I eat in public.

During my decision of becoming conscious about what I eat in public, a question popped up in my head. How many halal restaurants do we have in Ghana 🇬🇭?

I asked a few friends and some said they were not aware of any, others mentioned some names which I pledged to try out myself if truly the names they gave me were truly halal?

So I visited DNR TURKISH restaurant at their East Legon branch yesterday and had an awesome experience.


  • The environment was serene and well arranged.
  • Food was prepared openly so a customer can monitor how the chefs handle their meal
  • Food was great 👍🏽
  • The meat tasted very fresh which I believe animals were slaughtered same day/week for cooking. Unlike other places where meat could be frozen for months.
  • No alcoholic beverages!
  • Friendly staff
  • A beautiful masjid for prayers, a clean wash room and ablution area. Also, hijabs are available for sisters to use for prayers even if they walk in without being fully covered.
  • Moderate prices
  • Complimentary tea for free
  • A beautiful play ground for kids
What I ordered for

To be honest with you I really had a great time there and will definitely patronize them!

Take a look at my experience 👇🏾

My experience!

Watch out for my next halal restaurant review very soon…

I hope you had a good read 📖

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