All Hajj COVID restrictions dropped by Saudi government

Pilgrims circumambulating the Ka’ba. Photo credit: WordPress free library

The ministry of hajj and umrah has announced on their official handle that all Covid 19 restrictions have been dropped and that there’s no more a limit to the number of people going for hajj and umrah from other countries.

We all can recall that, the ministry announced after the pandemic that only a particular number of pilgrims will be able to perform hajj after the Covid pandemic struck.

In the ministries tweet, they mentioned that the restrictions including age limit are all being dropped for the season.

In 2022, the age limit was 18 years to 65 years and pilgrims within the age bracket were expected to be fully vaccinated against the chronic disease before they can be allowed to enter the country.

Hajj is a once-in-lifetime obligation for any able bodied Muslim who can be able to afford it.

The last pilgrim before the pandemic struck had about 2.6 million pilgrims performing hajj that year.

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