Interview: Fast Rising Ghanaian Spoken Word Artist Zaid Adam Hadir

Zaid is a poet, spoken word artist, film maker and a student. Our team had a one-on-one chat with him and he had a lot to say about his craft.

SMN: Can you tell us a brief history about yourself?

ZAID: My name is Zaid Adam Hadir. I grew up in Abeka . I’m spoken word artist and
a filmmaker .

SMN: Why spoken word?

ZAID: The plan is to inspire people and entertain them at the same time . I feel like poetry allows me to do that best . It’s the way I communicate my ideas and perspectives to people without coming off as “preachy” or like I know it all because I don’t .

SMN: How long have you been doing this?

ZAID: I have been writing poems for 6 years now , but started making “poetry videos ” in April 2018 which is 5 years ago.

SMN: Who are what are your influences?

ZAID: My writing style developed as a result of listening to several spoken word and rap songs with narrative themes by artists like Boona Mohammed, Prince Ea, J cole , Kendrick Lamar and Suli Breaks, among others.

SMN: What do you try to convey to your audience?

ZAID: Originality , entertainment , empowerment and inspiration .

SMN: How long does it take to bring out each work?

ZAID: I write quite slowly because I prefer to analyze every line. The majority of my poems are the result of extensive thought. Most of the time, these processes take one to three weeks. Some might require three months. In general, it depends on the kind of story I want to convey and the emotions I want the audience to experience. Additionally, I don’t want to end up commenting on subjects and viewpoints I don’t fully understand.

SMN: In your latest work about the hijab, how difficult was it to find someone to work with?

ZAID: It wasn’t difficult at all , I just knew Faiza was the perfect person to collab with . She took the poem to a whole other level with her energy .

SMN: Will you say your works have made you a better person? How?

ZAID: I can’t say I have . But I can say , I grow with my works and the way I write . Everything I put out isn’t to come out as “preachy” I just try to say what I can and share my perspectives on certain issues .

SMN: What has been your most challenging project? Why was it challenging?

ZAID: I’ve been trying to make a spoken word album for a few years now . It’s been hard to complete it because , I plan to experience as much as I can and learn from those experiences so I can offer solutions with this album not just rhyme about problems people are facing .

SMN: What are your current challenges?

ZAID: I don’t face anything serious at the moment but I’d say coming up with ideas has been an issue lately .

SMN: What word of advice do you have for the younger generation aspiring to be like you?

ZAID: Create what you can . Be original . It takes time to find what you love and be great at it so try everything .

You can follow and enjoy more of Zaid’s works on Instagram and on TikTok

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