Bun Islam is a Ghanaian born poet, construction manager, graphic designer and a calligrapher.

We had a chance to meet with him and discuss calligraphy and how he is making good use of it to impact his life.

Bun discovered calligraphy at a young age while studying in secondary school at West Africa Senior High school formerly known as West Africa Secondary School (WASS).

When asked about the type of calligraphy he designs he mentioned that he does Arabic calligraphy and calligraffiti.

My work feature in different Arabic and English scripts in collaboration with graffiti.

Bun draws his inspirations from various factors including the holy Quran, inspiring quotation and poems that he writes himself.He also draws inspirations from people. They include artists such as El Seed, Saidokins, ishaqcalligraphy among others.

Bun was asked about his thought on how calligraphy is regarded in Ghana and he mentioned that Ghanaians love the art but only a few are willing to make purchases.

Also about learning the art, he feels people are not really into it due to the time consuming factor.

His style of calligraphy is the use of Arabic style such as Thuluth among others.

My style of calligraphy is the use of Arabic Calligraphy scripts such as Thuluth and Wissam, collaborating it with the Arabic abstract calligraffiti. I also use the English calligraphy Gothic script as well as the brush calligraphy style.

Bun is much dedicated to his other works as he is with the calligraphy so he is currently doing this on a part time basis and working hard to operate fully.

His long term goal is to establish a training school where people can walk in and get training at a low fee.

 I also have plans to start a street calligraffiti art using the Arabic abstract calligraphy style on walls, building etc. locally and internationally going forward.

When asked about his current challenges, he mentioned that he does not have a studio, and his room is currently his studio. Also, his clientele is yet to expand as he is still learning about the emerging market and trying to adjust.

He had this to say to upcoming calligraphy artsists

Calligraphy is a beautiful art which provides you with endless opportunities if taken seriously. Learning calligraphy comes with determination and consistency. I will encourage anyone who want to pursue calligraphy art to take it seriously and it will be very beneficial.

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Facebook: Bun Islam Caligraphy

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Instagram: Bun Islam Caligraphy

Telephone: +233 55 359 7359

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